An excessive production of melanin can create discoloration on the face, neck, décolleté and hands in the form of brown spots and freckles.

The main causes of brown spots and age spots are:
- Sun exposure and photoaging
- Hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause and the use of contraceptives
- Genetics
- Absorption of UV radiation from cosmetics

To minimize the appearance of brown spots FREZYDERM has created Spot End, a complete whitening line that:
- Prevents the appearance of spots
- Reduces the existing discolorations
- Prevents reappearance of former spots
- Restores the colour uniformity of the skin

The Spot End line is a complete whitening set for face, neck and décolletage that consists of a day cream, night cream, decolorizing gel and topical whitening cream. There is also a whitening hand cream set consisting of a hand cream, a decolorizing gel and a topical whitening cream that protects and treats age spots and discolorations.

Following the intensive Spot End treatment for three months will result in a reduction in brown spots and a more uniform skin tone.


Soft translucent gel for the exfoliation and discolouration of age spots


Whitening topical cream for instant action